We worked with Dave to design a small and functional house. The aim being to owner build on a small budget using environmentally conscious materials and methods. Dave listened and genuinely considered all our ideas, whilst also taking time to explain why he thought our original concepts should be altered to produce a better design.

Dave not only produced our house design but also guided us through engineering and council approvals. This meant that by the end of our time working with Dave there was nothing left to do besides start the build. We have no doubt that Dave’s familiarity with engineers and local council procedures saved us a lot of money and stress.

Dave has an extensive knowledge of solar passive design, engineering requirements, building codes, construction method, environmental materials, and bushfire requirements. Further, he is very patient when explaining these concepts. Because of this, the final drawings provided to us are comprehensive and we are confident that we can understand the drawings when building our own house.

Dave is a pleasure to work with, meaning the design procedure was fun, exciting, and rewarding.

Kai and Abbey,Tanja, NSW

We would recommend David's services if you are looking for someone that can listen to your requirements and come up with a bespoke house design that suits your budget and is optimised for passive all year comfort.

Another aspect we found invaluable was David's familiarity with BVSC's DA process - leaving us to focus on the fun stuff!

David's initial approach to home design is based on optimising for the solar passive performance of your house based on the specifics of your home site.

In our case, David's can do approach also allowed us to explore and incorporate design features such as service cavities to maintain the integrity of the insulation layers of the structure and the utilisation of different types of building wraps.

- Louise and Des, Bald Hills/Canberra

Solar Passive design was an important factor in our house design and David has helped us achieve a beautiful result.

We found David easy to work with, open and flexible to our ideas and he always made the time to answer our questions and explain the reasoning.

Due to David's many years of experience, the entire process ran very smoothly right through to council submission and construction.

- The Rochas, Tathra

To Whom it may concern

David Girardeau helped design our new home after the old one was destroyed in the Tathra fires of 2018.

It is a modern airy home with a large paved sunny deck upstairs designed to withstand climate events and fires with double glazing throughout and externally built to BAL-40 standards.

We are very pleased with our new home, the interior is lovely with hardwood timber flooring and benches beautifully finished to the smallest detail.

David was very thorough and profesional in his approach, was always willing to listen, and had an impressive array of computer screens and programs that showed every aspect of the proposed dwelling through the various stages of design and the effects of seasonal changes in angle of sunlight etc.

David is also very competent and up to date with the engineering aspects, council/fire/safety regulations and modern trade practices.

I have no hesitation in recommending David as a very competent designer and friendly advisor to any client who is looking to build a new home and would like it to be a pleasant and enriching experience.


Anneke Paijmans